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Netmaker, Hemera Network, and Hypenet


Netmaker is the core of Hemera Network and a pilot to test multiple “mesh” network management tools. Headscale and Zerotier were tested before and Netmaker came out on top for usability and core features.

Other options currently on the todo list:

  • OpenZiti (2019) slightly more mature than Netmaker (2021), written in go, Apache-2.0 license.
  • Webmesh (2023) super new, written in go, Apache-2.0 license.
  • netbird (2021) best feature replication compared to Netmaker, written in go, BSD 3-Clause.

About The Project


The goal of Hemera is to be a test pilot for Hypenet and personal resource to allow me to connect my server infrastructure with others securely.


Hyperspace Network or Hypenet is a collective of hobbyists creating a set of guidelines for users to be able to connect and use decentralized systems and software.

In practice this means providing a path for someone with extra compute resources to provide their services to an organization or person they would like the support.

Ex. person A has 8 TB of unused disk space, person B has a computer sitting in the corner of their room collecting dust, and organization A has written out a proposal. They list requirements for storing secure offsite backups and a machine that can run Nextcloud or Jitsi. Person A & B have both already joined a Hypenet subnet and agree to provide, so the network manager changes the access control list to allow vetted hosts and virtual machines to connect to organization A’s client and/or proxy.

This then allows the origanization to get hardware and support from people who are willing to provide time and hardware on the network. This is currently only allowed through a mutual aid structure or trade. Monetization is a future consideration.

About Netmaker

Create Manage Automate
✔️ WireGuard Networks ✔️ Admin UI ✔️ Linux
✔️ Remote Access Gateways ✔️ OAuth ✔️ FreeBSD
✔️ Mesh VPNs ✔️ Private DNS ✔️ Mac
✔️ Site-to-Site ✔️ Access Control Lists ✔️ Windows

Obligitory disclaimer and explaination

Written in Go, Netmaker is a source-available tool for automating and managing wireguard VPNs, licensed under SSPL. Notes about SSPL and Netmaker, SSPL is considered a “source-available” license and thus not “free software”. Because, “free software” specifically defines software that you are allowed to do anything with, not just monetarily free, because SSPL limits how you are allowed to license applications dependant on Netmaker, it is not considered “free software”. But, this does not cover software running on a netmaker subnet, you are free to use proprietary software or software licensed under any source-available/open-source license as long as it does not interact directly with Netmaker server or client applications. This does not apply to Wireguard client or server applications.

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